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Sparklers Nursery

Our Curriculum

We follow the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2012 as stipulated by the Department of Education.

"Staff have a good understanding of the seven required areas of learning of the revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage." (Ofsted 2012)

All children are encouraged to express themselves verbally, and also through music, story, drama, arts and cookery. The different activities and experiences emphasis early literacy, numeracy and the development of social skills. Pre-reading and pre-mathematical activities and games are integrated into our daily planning allowing children to develop in these areas.

The important underlying prime areas of our programme 'Personal, Social & Emotional development; Physical Development and Communication & Language' ensures that the curiosity and enthusiasm for learning is ignited; the potential to learn is built and the ability to form relationships, while also thriving as an individual, is developed.

  "Children adjust quickly to their new surroundings. Children are happy, confident, secure and well settled. Their behaviour shows that they feel safe."(Ofsted 2012)

The Prime Areas are integrated into our daily routines and experiences. We provide inclusive, stimulative and a multicultural environment to all children. The children are engaged in many fun activities, which promote physical development, healthy lifestyle and being active through; Stretch-and-Grow, Aerobic classes and walks to the local park alongside the use of outside equipment such as scooters, bikes and climbing frame.

We have also recently undertaken training in two brand new courses 'Moving Matters' & 'Being Active Matters' which supports physical development which is considered fundamental to the child's development in all other areas.

Moving Matterswas written by a occupational therapist and is designed to help staff identify and promote co-ordination, stamina and strength in the Early Years. The importance of physical and sensory play has been highlighted in supporting the development of postural control, sensory awareness and physical skills which are the foundations to learning.

Being Active Matters uses the British Heart Foundation (BHF) 'Early Movers' pack available through the BHF website The BHF National Centre for physical activity and health carried out and audit of physical activity within the early years, their findings found a growing concern about poor motor skills development among increasing numbers of children starting school. Early movers is designed to help support all children to achieve a solid foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity.

 We have also had training in 'Every Child a Talker' (ECaT) and 'Small Circles' which supports early identification of language skills and good communication.The use of good communication and language is encouraged through the use of open ended questions and extended listening of the staff.

"Staff engage in active discussion with the children with questions pitched at the appropriate level, challenging them to explore further. The good support helps develop children's communication and language skills effectively." (Ofsted 2012)

Children are encouraged to get involved in imaginary play, role play and problem solving during their day.The use of construction on large and small scale, supports the children's learning and allows them to think critically and plan their ideas achieving their goals.

Each day there is sand, water, painting and a variety of visual arts, malleable materials, puzzles and mark making available for the children to explore.

We celebrate different festivals throughout the year which we welcome you to be part of which allows the children to learn about different cultures and traditions strengthening their understanding of the World around them.

Birthdays are also celebrated in nursery with peers and teachers.

We are fortunate to have a well-stocked children’s library, which is constantly updated with new and interesting books. The children also have regular trips to the local library were they join in with story time or look for books that they may choose themselves to support their interests or topis we may be learning.